What is it?

Telephonectld is a daemon for linux that allows shell commands to be executed in response to a user phoning the system and entering DTMF codes via a touch-tone phone. The daemon uses a voice modem to answer and interact with the user.


I intend to use this so that I can phone my machine and get it to dialup a connection to the internet. With a small script that I have written, it will email me its IP address once connected allowing me to ssh to my machine. An alternative to sending an email is also to use ftpput from the ncftp package to ftp my IP address to my ISP's web server so that I can read it from the web when ever I want.

This is useful to me since it is impractical and costly for me to have a permanent connection to the internet, although I do sometimes need to access my machine from a remote location.


This is at its genesis. As I use this myself, I will probably find bugs and annoyances that will be fixed. New RPM's (and tarballs) will be placed here as they are made.

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    The daemon, it's source code and man pages can be downloaded and distributed for free.

  • 25/10/00
  • 23/10/00
  • Initial Release


    I'm sure that there are many little tweaks that are needed to this prgram since I wrote it in 3 days (although I reused the ini reader and set). So if you find a bug, please email me with a description, what ever was outputted to the syslogger (if possible) and with the subject "BUG: {description}"

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